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Real time monitoring

Realtime monitoring

With real-time monitoring and instant feedback, Tempo ensures that you maintain the perfect speaking pace.
No more losing audience's attention

No more losing your audience's attention

Our intelligent algorithm alerts you when you're speaking too fast, giving you gentle nudges to slow down and regain control.


Compatible with any video conference software (Zoom, Webex, Google, Slack, Microsoft Teams, FaceTime, and more).
Tempo Notification while presenting
Personalized Notifications
You can choose to be notified visually, with sound, or a combination of both.
Burst Detection & Overall Flow
Tempo monitors both bursts of speech and overall pace, providing you with the perfect balance for a polished presentation.
Multi Language Support
Tempo supports over 30 languages. If you speak it, we're confident Tempo supports it!
Speech Profiles
Whether you're a fast speaker or a slow one, Tempo adapts to you based on your profile choice.
Audio Analysis

Real-time detection of bursts of speech provides active feedback, helping you to slow down.

Ensure you never swear during a public speech again.

Stay in the green zone as much as possible. If you reach the orange zone, slow down. If you enter the red zone, take a break.

New Features | Coming Soon

Detect Slow Speech
We all know that speaking fast can impact the ability to understand you. However, speaking too slowly can be detrimental as well. Soon, Tempo will alert you when your pace dips too slow.
Filler Word Detection
Eliminate distractions with Tempo's upcoming feature: detecting 'umms' and 'uhhs' during your presentations.

Connected Calendars
Connect your Apple or Google calendar to Tempo to start and stop automatically based on your schedule.

Real Time Speech Analysis
Follow your speech in real-time or review it after your presentation to improve in future speeches.

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Discover firsthand experiences from our satisfied users, sharing how our platform has transformed their presentations.
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"Tempo has truly transformed the way I present. As someone who tends to speak quickly, the customizable sensitivity feature has been a lifesaver."
Michael R.
I've used Tempo for several presentations now, and I'm blown away by its accuracy and effectiveness. The notifications are subtle yet effective, helping me maintain a steady pace throughout my speeches.
Sarah C.
This app is a game-changer for public speakers. The ability to choose between notification types and adjust sensitivity levels based on my speaking profile is incredibly intuitive.
Jason M.
I've tried other speech monitoring apps before, but Tempo stands out for its attention to detail and user-friendly interface. Being able to monitor both bursts of speech and overall pace has made a noticeable difference in the quality of my presentations.
 Emily G.
Tempo has exceeded my expectations in every way. As someone who speaks at a slower pace, I appreciate the app's sensitivity adjustments, which ensure I receive timely notifications without feeling overwhelmed.
Maria L.
I've been using Tempo for a few weeks now, and it's already made a significant impact on my confidence as a presenter. The real-time feedback has helped me fine-tune my speaking pace
David K.

Why Tempo

This project was born from the realization that I often spoke too quickly during meetings and presentations, only noticing after they ended.

When you're presenting, it's challenging to maintain focus and remember to speak at the right tempo—not too slow, not too fast. With Tempo, you receive real-time reminders, enabling you to adjust your pace as needed.
Is my data secure on your platform?
Yes, all of our machine learning and AI run on your Mac and your data are private and never shared with anybody.
What if I speak slower or faster than average?
Tempo allows you to pick a speech profile and adapts to you.
What language does Tempo support?
Tempo supports over 30 languages. We are confident that if you speak it, Tempo supports it!
Can I try Tempo before purchasing?
Yes, we offer a free trial period so you can experience the full capabilities of Tempo before making a commitment.